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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What size pipe is used for the ladder racks?

A. Are most popular truck ladder rack is the Ryder Rack. Ryder Racks are either fabricated with 2″ pipe. Depending on the part, we use Schedule 80 and Schedule 40 aluminum. The 2″ aluminum pipe has an outside dimension of 2.375″.

Q. How are the ladder racks shipped?

A. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to ship our fully-welded racks. We do offer the Ryder Rack Bolt for out of state customers that are not able to drive to Wilmington, NC for a free installation. For the BOLTS, we use several different LTL freight companies to ship. The racks are packaged with protective cardboard and static cling plastic. Custom pallets are built to make sure the racks stay well protected and can be maneuvered with fork lifts. The racks must be shipped to a commercial address to avoid a $150 residential delivery fee.

Q. How long does it take to receive a rack after ordered?

A. Our custom ladder racks take about 2-3 weeks to be fabricated after your order and freight can sometimes take up to a week.

Q. How are the racks attached to the truck?

A. Our standard truck rack legs are welded to a 3″x3″x0.25″ aluminum angle. The 3″ lip sits inside the bedrail of the truck. The rack pads fasten with 5/16″ chromoly hardware that we provide. We recommend through bolting your rack to the inner lip of your truck’s bed rail. Toyota Tacomas have a special mounting system that we outline here.

Q. Will my RyderRack fit over my camper shell or tonneau cover?

A. We do offer custom options for customers needing their racks to work in conjunction with camper/topper shells and tonneau covers. Our mounting options are compatible with all major brands and are custom built for your application. Some camper shells are manufactured with a lip that folds over the outside bedrails. In order for our racks to incorporate, that lip would need to be trimmed off.

Q. Will it fit my center console? Some pre-manufactured T Tops interfere with my console door.

A. Yes. All of the T Tops we build are custom built to the boat they are installing to.

Q. Do you need my boat for a T Top or Hardtop?

A. Yes, All of our T Tops and Hardtops are custom built to the boat they are installing to. We typically need the boat for about 10 work days.

Q. Can you ship a T Top or Hardtop?

A. We've shipped T Tops in the past, but freight companies do not like to. We only are able to do this for certain models and ask the the buyer line up the freight provider.

Q. Do you have multiple canvas colors to choose from?

A. Yes, We have over 150 canvas colors to choose from. When you drop off your boat, we will provide a color chart to choose from.

Q. Is there a better time to purchase?

A. No, We service boat manufacturers, boat dealers, and also the general public. We stay busy all year long.

Q. What size aluminum tube do you use for your tops?

A. Our Canvas T Tops are fabricated with 1.5" pipe that measures 1.875" on the outside. Our Fiberglass Hardtops are fabricated with 2" pipe that measures 2.375" on the outside.

Q. Do you offer powder coat as an option?

A. Yes, You can add Powder Coating to your order. We have a color chart to choose the color from when you drop off your boat.

Q. What type of material is used for the canvas top?

A. We use Sunbrella Canvas with over 150 colors to choose from.

Q. Can I pull wakeboarders or skiers from the T Top?

A. No, but we do offer ski tows that install over the motor.

Q. What do you recommend to clean the T Top?

A. Water and soap is best. If you forget to clean it, you may develop some corrosion that can be cleaned up with Woody Wax.

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