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Spray Curtains

With a center console boat, protection from the harsh elements is most often negligible, even with a T Top or tower. When the ominous dark clouds decide to drop out or the swells are blasting heavy spray with oncoming wind, you’ll be content and dry behind our spray curtains.

We consider the longevity of our curtains, and we want you to get the most out of your investment. We use the best quality material in the industry, and we provide you with material manufacturer information on care, cleaning and proper storage.

Pricing varies for spray cushions; every project is customized with our expert marine upholsterers.

High Speed Welding uses 60-mil StrataGlass for custom boat curtains. The white border is often made with Stamoid, a very strong and waterproof material. We can also use Sunbrella Marine Canvas for a wide range of colors. Strataglass is flexible enough to have the option of U-zip windows for a breeze on hotter days.

Curtain sets usually come in a 3-piece “phone booth” style or a 5-piece, adding “wings” to the gunnel areas for more protection. We also make curtain windows with Visilite AR, giving rigidity to the glass. A combination of hardware, including tracks, is used in order to attach the curtains.

A great place to store curtains is in your shop or garage. It’s best to have some spare curtain tracks mounted to the wall, so the curtains can slide into them. We happily provide information and links to the material manufacturer’s care and maintenance for your spray curtains.

Please contact us to learn more about boat curtain sets. For more information and images of our work, please visit Center Console Boat Curtains. We also offer new cushions and recovers.

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