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Cobia Towers

A custom Cobia Tower for a center console boat is the best way to get higher and see fish. Cobia Towers include a helm station up top that allow you to drive the boat. Above all, they help you catch more fish.

Custom Cobia Towers are big upgrades for center console boats. There are a lot of important things to consider when custom fabricating an aluminum tower for a boat.

Not only do custom cobia towers have to look good, but they also have to function good too. A Step Up Cobia Tower gets you higher so you can see the fish. Not too high though, so you can still trailer your boat to the boat ramp. Our aluminum framework for a custom tower is sleek and is a tight fit to the console, keeping the tower symmetrical and easy to access the top and the console door.

Cobia Towers

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Tower Design
We design towers from the top down. Style is almost as important as utility. A top-down design keeps the tower symmetrical and clean, and our towers are non-folding. Looks and style are greatly infringed when the tower is required to fold. Wires and cable wear and tear when a tower folds, leading to eventual replacement. Non-folding towers allow the control cables to flow evenly through the pipe without any issues.

Total height is important for boats that need to travel down the road. Cobia Towers should measure less than 13’6″ to safely trailer the boat. 13’6” is the legal limit to travel without a special permit. We fabricate our custom boat towers with 2″ heavy-duty aluminum.

What’s Up Top?
When you climb to the top, you can customize a cushion set. The leaning post style cushion lets you lean while under way, but also sit while fishing. Plenty of rod storage lets the angler switch out rods without having to yell down below. The top angler has a helm station so they can drive towards that swirl without having to point. Everything can be spotted.

Step up cobia towers often have a rear Sunbrella canvas and forward brow to keep you out of the heat. The canvas shades are great for keeping down the glare and heat. We offer over 150 colors to choose from when picking out your canvas.

We can also offer non-skid starboard for the standing platform. The non-skid is durable and offers great traction while fishing. Instead of canvas, your shades can be starboard too. High Speed Welding has several tower models to choose from, but we can also accommodate your custom needs and specifications.

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