Rack Straps and 3 Safety Tips for Them

Rack Straps For Truck Racks

Aluminum Truck Racks are a vital work tool, but there are safety considerations for using them. Learn three tips for safety when using Rack Straps.

Be aware of unsecured ladders and materials

Placing ladders in the bed of your pickup truck, or otherwise failing to secure the ladder to the rack, is dangerous. The unsecured ladder could fly out of the vehicle and injure your employees or others on the road. Not only could your employees become injured, but you could be held liable for third parties’ injuries.

As a general rule, use tie down straps rated for the weight of your ladder. This helps ladders remain on the rack even if you get in an accident. Never place loose ladders in your truck or van, even if you’re only going a short distance.

Secure Ladders with Rack Straps

Painters, plumbers, and other professionals use trucks with racks to carry ladders and materials.  It is important to make sure the ladder is fastened securely to the truck rack. Distribute items across the rack, so the weight is spread out and the items will not shift while driving. If you overload the rack, your vehicle could roll over or take longer to come to a stop, endangering your safety.

Handle Long Ladders Carefully

Long ladders are heavy and require special handling during placement on the truck rack. Have at least two hands holding a ladder while it’s being carried. Retract and secure the moving sections of an extension ladder before you move it. After the ladder is placed on the rack, secure both ends so it does not move.

Follow these tips every time you add ladders to your truck rack to protect your equipment and your safety during transit.  Here is a link for more information about our Retracting Rack Straps.  Here is a video for our Ryder Rack SILVER.

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