Custom Boat T Top For Center Console

Custom Boat T Top

A Custom Boat T Top for Center Consoles need to have a few things considered when they are built.  One-Size-Fits-All T Tops do not take into consideration major factors that make a custom boat t top great.

Custom T Tops are fabricated and designed for the boats that they’re installed to.  If you’re off by an inch, you’re off by a mile.  When fabricating a custom T top, the designer can measure the boat’s console and size of the boat to make sure every aspect of the T Top is proportionate.  If the T Top is too big or too small, the entire look of the boat is off putting.

It’s All About The Base

First thing to do start with is the leg work when designing a Custom T Top.  We take a pattern of the console and lay out the legs in a way that make them aesthetically pleasing to look at.  We keep the legs, also known as verticals, near the corners of the console.  The corners of the console are stronger than the center.  Our T Tops receive 4 console mounts that are near the corners of the console for strength.  Our console mounts also double as route tubes to keep wires from having to run on the outside of the pipes.  Pre-manufactured T Tops do not consider the console door.  Imaging spending over $1000 on a T Top, and not being able to use your console door.  We take special consideration in our leg designs.

Coverage is Key

After the legs are designed, we measure the layout and choose from 9 different T Top “ring” configurations.  The T Top rings are different sizes and different proportions that allow us to choose the perfect size for the boat that the custom T Top is mounting to.  Rings range in sized of 60″ x 85″ to 66″ x 108″.  Of course, if none of these predetermined sizes work, we will design a special ring specific to what is needed.  We use standard ring sizes to streamline our production.  We also do not have to create a new pattern for every boat T Top.

Rather than offering just black and blue canvas colors to our customers, we let them choose from 155 difference Sunbrella materials.  Color choice is very important for custom T Tops.  Darker colors are easier to keep clean and do not get as dirty.  Some think that dark colors are hot, but all colors are UV resistant and block heat.  Sunbrella offers a 10 year warranty and we use Tenara thread when sewing our canvas.  Tenara thread is 4x expensive as the standard, but remember we are building you a custom boat t top.  We use 1/8″ cord when lacing on the Sunbrella canvases.

Keep it tight

Installations are just as important as the design and canvas.  We use stainless steel hardware for all of our T Top installations.  The 4 console mounts are secured with bolts and nylon nuts.  When fastening the 4 deck mounts, we secure the flanges with 4000 marine adhesive.  We like to say that the screws hold while the adhesive cures.  4000 marine adhesive is a medium strength fast-cure.

Standard options include 4 rod holders and an anchor light.  Our T Tops have several options and accessories that can be added.  We offer Radio Boxes, Life-Jacket Storage, LED Spreader Lights, Grab Rails, and more.  Click here for a list of our Custom Boat T Top accessories.  You’re welcome to call 910-632-4427 and speak with a T Top expert.

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