Custom Full-Length Aluminum Ladder Racks

Full-Length Aluminum Ladder Rack

Attached are some photos of bumper-to-bumper aluminum ladder racks for some F250 pickup trucks.  Our customer is located in Illinois, so they purchased the trucks in Wilmington, NC.  We went to the dealership to pick up the trucks.  When we had the trucks at our Factory, we installed the aluminum racks to the front frames.  This was very efficient, because we need the trucks at our location in order to build a custom truck racks that mount to the bumper.  The customer sent down some drivers once the racks were completely installed.  We have built over 10 racks for this particular customer. These racks custom built to meet the customer’s specific needs.

Ryder racks are custom.  We use aluminum that is heavy wall gives the rack a strong design.  The pipe that was used is 2″ inside and 2.375″.  Anodized aluminum pipe keeps the racks from rusting, chipping and corroding.  We call our bumper-to-bumper ladder racks Full-Length Racks because the run the entire length of the pickup trucks.  The more surface area that the racks have, the more materials that can be placed on top.  These racks are for carrying tarps for pools.  They have plenty of cross members that do not allow the materials to sag.  Ryder Racks provide a clean look to every truck fleet.  Ryder Racks are also lightweight, so they save gas.

These Full-Length Ladder Racks have (8) auto-retracting rack straps.  The rack straps make it very efficient to load and unload materials.  These truck racks also have aluminum gang planks that run the entire length of the truck.  The gang planks make it easier for the workers to access the materials from front to back.  The front of the racks are bolted to brackets that we welded to the steel frame of the pickup truck.  The racks are bolted to the frame, because it is much stronger than mounting them to the bumper.  We build our racks stronger, so they last longer.  We have been building custom racks since 2005.

Thank you for reading this post and be sure to check out more about aluminum truck racks located within our Fab Talk Blog.  For more information about our standard aluminum ladder racks, please visit our aluminum ladder rack page.  You’re also welcome to call and speak with one of our truck rack experts: 910-632-4427

Full-Length Ladder Rack Ladder Rack for Pickup Truck Aluminum Ladder Rack