Poling Platform For A Carolina Skiff Boat

Poling Platform for Carolina Skiff Boat

Poling Platform For Carolina Skiff Boats can be purchased here at High Speed Welding.  Every poling platform that we build is custom and built to order.  All poling platforms come with 2 ladder racks on each side.  The ladder rungs are non-skid.

Carolina Skiff Poling Platform

Our poling platforms are built with anodized aluminum.  Anodized aluminum is marine grade and will not rust.  We use a combination of 1.25″ and 1.5″ pipe so that the poling platforms are strong and will not break.  The top of the platform is non-skid starboard.  Non-skid is great to stand on, because it is not slippery.  The starboard will not rot like a wood-core fiberglass.  Additionally, the starboard is can be affordably replaced.  Fiberglass poling platforms are heavy and expensive.

When installing the poling platforms to Carolina skiff boats, we use stainless steel hardware and large fender washers.  The fender washers help distribute the weight evenly.  High Speed Welding has installed poling platforms on hundreds of boats, but Carolina Skiff platforms are what we do most.  We have a pattern for certain Carolina Skiffs models, so we do not need the boat for measurements.  Therefore, we can ship a poling platform for a Carolina skiff boat straight to your address.  Above all, ship our Carolina Skiff Poling Platforms all over the country.

Custom Poling Platforms

Since our poling platforms are custom, we can build them based on your specifications.  The most popular upgrade is a pair of rod holders for trolling.  We can also add a ski tow on the back side of the poling platform.  Ski Tows are great for pulling tubes and wake boards.  Some customers have us add grab bars to help swimmers climb up the ladder.  Powder coating is available.  We have a powder coat color wheel that you can choose from.  Powder coating adds time to the build process.  Sissy bars are certainly great for safety.  Sissy bars can be removable or permanent.  Weekend drop offs and deliveries are available.  Above all, our goal is to make boat pickups and drop offs easy.

You can find more information and pictures about our Poling Platforms here.  To speak to one of our poling platform experts, call 910-632-4427 and we will be glad to help.  We also have photos on our Facebook page.  Our contact page has our address and information.  We are located in Wilmington, NC.  Thank you for reading.

Poling Platform for Carolina Skiff BoatAluminum Poling PlatformCustom Poling Platform for Carolina SkiffPlatform with Ski Tow and Rod Holders