Step-Up Cobia Tower – Custom Aluminum Boat Tower

Custom Step-Up Tower

Step-Up Cobia Tower – Custom Cobia Tower

We designed this custom aluminum boat tower from the top down.  Our non-folding design allows for easy towing down the road.  Non-Folding Cobia Towers help save a lot of time at the boat ramp, because you don’t have to handle any stainless hardware that can seize to the aluminum either.  We are the industry leader for custom aluminum boat tower, because we do a lot of them.  Customers haul their boats from all over, so we can go the extra mile once the boat arrives.

Custom Aluminum Tower

Our towers are custom built for each boat that they’re mounted to, because the custom design flows well with the console.  We built this Custom Cobia Tower with 2″ anodized aluminum pipe.  2″ pipe is much stronger and allows easier access to run wires and cables.  Anodized Aluminum will not rust or corrode.  All of the mounting flanges are tightly fit to the console.  The deck mounts are out of the walk way for plenty of foot room.  We fasten the towers with stainless steel hardware.  Bolts and nuts certainly offer a tight hold for the console flanges.  We use screws and marine adhesive to secure the 4 flanges to the boat’s floor, because it’s the best method to do so.

Non-skid starboard is an efficient standing platform.  Starboard is a non-rot material that is light weight and does not require paint.  We fabricate the starboard in-house for a quick cobia tower build time.  Sunbrella canvas is the shade of the towers, because Sunbrella is the marine industry leader and offers over 150 colors to choose from.  We could upgrade the canvas with a few options.  This tower received Weblon canvas that has a white top and a charcoal bottom.  You can substitute the canvas with starboard.  This cobia tower had a rear cover shade, but we also offer Cobia Towers with a Forward Brow.  The forward brow offers shade over the front console cushion and certainly helps balance out the cobia tower’s design.

Please visit our Step-Up Cobia Tower page for more information.  You can also reach our boat cobia tower experts through our contact page.  Be sure to check out this video about our step-up towers and this video about all of our Custom T Tops and Towers.

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