Nautic Star T Top – Custom T Top For A Nautic Star Boat

Sunbrella Canvas Boat Top

We just installed this Nautic Star T Top.  This custom t top was built specifically for this boat.  All of our boat t tops are fabricated for the boats they’re installing to.  Our custom canvas t tops include 4 rod holders, sunbrella canvas, anchor light, and installation.  We offer several upgrades, such as radio boxes and life-jacket storages.  This top received an electronics box, so the VHF can be stored above head.  This boat also received 2 extra rod holders, so rods can be out the sides of the boat for trolling.

All of our t tops include a Sunbrella canvas as well.  We use Sunbrella canvas, because it is the industry standard and available in more than 155 colors.  The aluminum pipe we use has an anodized coating, however powder coating is available.  Powder coating is durable and available in more than 100 colors.  Customers that get their T Tops powder coated, often have us include a powder coated leaning post.

Please don’t hesitate reaching out if you have any questions about this Nautic Star T Top.  We can be reached through our contact page.  We have a YouTube video that talks about the features of our custom boat t tops.

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