Custom Marine T Top For Center Console Boat

Custom Marine T Top

High Speed Welding specializes in marine T Tops for center console boats.  This custom marine T top was built for the boat it is going on.  All T Tops manufactured by High Speed Welding are built to order, because we do not believe that 1 size fits all.  We have several jigs for specific boats that we build a lot of T Tops for.  It’s best to have your boat at our Wilmington, NC location so that we can guarantee a perfect fit.

Our custom T Tops come with 4 rod holders, sunbrella canvas, anchor light and installation.  Our T Tops are built to order, so you can customize it the way you want.  The most popular upgrade is a marine radio box, because they allow you to keep your electronics up out of the way.  They are great for storage other items like wallets, keys, and clothing.  Life-Jacket storage is a great upgrade, because you can store up to 5 life jackets out of the way and they are easily accessible when needed.  LED spreader lights are great for boaters that use their boat at night.  Additional upgrades include: grab rails, outrigger plates, and additional rod holders.

If you buy a custom marine T top from High Speed Welding, you’ll know that you’re getting a top quality product, because we use anodized aluminum for our metal frames.  The frames are attached to the boat with stainless steel hardware.  We use fender washers and nylon nuts when fastening to the console.

Please check out our Canvas T Top page for more information.  We also have a YouTube video that talks about the features of our Custom T Tops.  You can contact us to place an order or if you have any questions. We can be reached through our contact page.

Custom Boat T Top  Custom Marine T Top Custom Boat T Top Life-Jacket Storage for T Top Boat T Top with LED Spreader LightElectronics Box for T Top